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What is TradeRate?

  • TradeRate gives companies the opportunity to promote their services on the Web.
  • TradeRate allows you to promote your excellent customer service.
  • TradeRate enables you to get feedback from your customers.

  • How can it help my business?

    It helps your business in a way that no-one could imagine. Most people when they look for a tradesperson they look in say, The Yellow Pages, but from then on to them its total guess work, they don't know if they are contacting a reputable trades person or a 'cowboy trader'. What TradeRate does is take away the 'russian roulette' out of finding a tradesperson.

    What other advantages does TradeRate have?

  • TradeRate is a referral based Web Site.
  • TradeRate promotes and encourages good service.
  • The genuine, honest trades people who supply superior service are promoted, helping the good guys get work so that the paying public get an honest and competent tradesperson.

  • How is TradeRate different from other paper based directories?

  • Other directories are static-they only tell you what's on offer.
  • They don't tell you if what's on offer is any good.
  • Consumers most common means of finding someone to do a job for them is a personal recommendation.
  • On TradeRate consumers get many unbiased recommendations. TradeRate compares apples with apples.

  • What should I do if the Trade I carry out is not listed?

    If the trade you carry out is not listed you can register as (other) and we will ensure your trade is then listed (Gardening, Oven cleaning etc.)

    How much does a TradeRate listing cost?

    A Basic Listing is FREE. For details of other TradeRate listing costs, please visit the TradeRate, Rate Guide

    How do I Register my Business?

  • Click the "Register" button above and fill in all details.
  • The details required for both premium and basic listings are the same, they are just displayed differently.
  • If you want to change from a basic to a premium listing at a later stage you will not need to re-register.
  • Multiple trades and locations can be done at one time.
  • You have to activate your account before you can login

  • Can I promote my own Web Site?

    If you have a premium listing the web site address will be shown. This will result in greater exposure to your site at no extra cost.

    What can I do once I am registered?

    You can
  • Log in and view your profile at any time
  • Update your profile details (change password, etc...)
  • Change or update your Business Specialization
    You can also add any other text details you may want shown (Specials or Promotions)

  • How does the rating system work?

  • Every company is rated using the same questions
  • The more ratings you have the more indicative your result will be
  • There are no comments on the site
  • The comments section is for your information only and can be sent to you if you request
  • No other person has access to your customers comments
  • A customer has to register before they can rate your company

  • Why should I use TradeRate?

    Using Traderate gives you.
  • Better Exposure for your company
  • Promotes your Website by directing traffic to it.
  • Promotes your Specialization
  • Good exposure in the Media.
  • Low Cost
  • Easy for consumers to understand.
  • Generates trust and better results

  • What does a Basic Listing have?

    The following are listed
  • Contact Number
  • Company Name
  • Trade Type(multiple trades)
  • Location (multiple)
  • Rating

  • What does a Premium Listing have?

    Same as Basic listing but also includes the following
  • Physical Address
  • E-mail Address
  • Website Address
  • Easy rating code (can be given to customers)
  • Fax Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Company Logo
  • Specialization

  • How is Payment made to Traderate?

  • Payment can be by a bank transfer
  • By cheque
  • Cash
  • Once payment is received your premium listing will be shown within 48Hours
  • If you sign up on-line the basic listing will be shown as soon as your account is activated
  • Basic Listing will be upgraded to premium listing as soon as payment is received