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What is TradeRate?

TradeRate is referral based so that good performance is recognised, this allows the genuine, honest trades people to be promoted - helping the good guys get work and, 'us' the paying public, to get an honest and competent tradesperson.

How do I know that people are not abusing the rating process?

There are controls in place so that it is not feasible to do multiple ratings of a tradesperson and anything that looks suspicious will be discarded. Spot checks of raters will also be done to ensure accuracy.

Does it cost consumers anything to subscribe to TradeRate?

As a consumer or a Web Surfer it is absolutely FREE. The cost is carried by advertisers and trades people who subscribe to extra services.

How can I add a tradesperson to the website?

To add a tradesperson to the TradeRate website, you need to contact us and we will contact your tradesperson to see if they wish to be listed. You will then be able to rate as per usual once they are listed.

What happens when I review a tradesperson?

When you review a tradesperson the rating gets added to other previous ratings and the average is displayed.

I can't find the Tradesperson I'm looking for on the website?

TradeRate is constantly developing new features and expanding the number of trade's people it holds in its database. If the tradesperson you require isn't listed then please let us know.

How TradeRate is different from other Paper based directories?

Other directories are static - they only tell you what's on offer. They don't tell you if what's on offer is any good. Think about your best means of finding someone to do a job for you, what you rely on most - it's word of mouth, a personal recommendation.

I was given a rating code what do I do with it?

You can enter the rating code in to the business search box, this will then bring up the companies listing. This allows easier access to their listing for rating purposes.

Is the Tradesperson able to find out who rated them?

No, they are only able to get averages of ratings and the information that is visible on the web site.